All About Business Intelligence

Every business works with the aim of making a profit and this can be achieved by making the right business decisions. Business leaders take innumerable decisions that affect work in a variety of ways.

However, the main goal is to make an effective enough decision to carve out a profit path for the organization. Therefore, successful implementation of a plan is the primary need of every business and Business Intelligence is proven to be helpful in this context. Let's get insight into Business Intelligence and its components:

Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence plays a major role when implementing appropriate planning strategies and procedures. BI technology helps its users in collecting, storing, accessing and analyzing data.

The series of applications covered in Business Intelligence enables companies to effectively implement Decision Support Systems, applying the concepts of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, and Data Mining. You can navigate to to know more about business intelligence.

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Business Intelligence is a broader concept of the use of intelligence in organizations. This arises from the contribution of various fields of information such as market intelligence, competitive intelligence, and business intelligence.

Market Intelligence is related to the strategic management discipline in a company that allows knowing more about the market and the company's performance in it, through a constant flow of information.

Competitive Intelligence is defined as the process of gathering and analyzing information about competitors' activities so that they can support the achievement of business goals. Through a continuous flow of information, it allows businesses to know what competitors are doing in commercial, financial and organizational aspects.

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