All about Swimming Pools Reel Systems

Reel systems for swimming pool covers make the job of covering and uncovering your pool so much easier than by hand. An essential part of any swimming pool owner’s equipment is the use of a good quality solar cover.

The main advantages of a solar cover, the increase in pool water temperature and the prevention of costly heat losses through evaporation are far greater than the disadvantages, which are cost and the awkwardness of daily handling. You can check electric pool covers online.

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For this reason, it is sensible to make the job of covering and uncovering as easy as possible. Basically, there are two types of swimming pool reel systems, manual and electric powered. We will look at both in turn.

Both types of reel comprise a set of telescopic tubes, which when assembled will open up to the required width. This distance is usually the width of the pool, plus an overlap of about one foots each side. 

Rather than the telescopic tubes, it is possible to buy a one-piece tube, for some systems only, but the matter of transport often makes this a costly alternative. The two most important characteristics of the tube are the diameter and the thickness, or gauge, of the metal itself. It is best to have the largest diameter and gauge that you can afford.