An Interesting Lookout To Israel and Iran Relationship

The Pragmatic Entente is the first-ever broad description on long-standing yet changing relationship between two countries i.e. Israel and Iran. Both the countries are considered as strongest Islamic countries of today’s time.

Rob Sobhani has researched a lot on this political agenda and has tried to draw attention toward the association and straight account of people involved in Israeli-Iranian relations during 1979 influx of Khomeini in Tehran. Through this book, he has put up a broad survey on this relationship in spite of the complicated background of Middle East politics.


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Interviews of former Iranian officials were taken by the author in order to find why Iran and Israel act that way and why their interest has integrated over a due course of time. In the book “Pragmatic Entente” you will find principle trends of the emerging relationship between the two countries. Here one can get to know the reason for endurance and change in their relationship.

In the start, you will find an element that will describe Israeli-Iranian relations. As you will read further you will find how Iran’s religious right made a use of Israel’s recognition by Iran as an official weapon against the central government.

In end chapters of the book, the coalition between 2 countries has been described. This coalition was in contrary to radical Arab states. Further, you will find about Kurdish rebels inside Iraq; significance of Yom Kippur War which occurred in 1973; British departure from the Persian Gulf and Israeli-Iranian decision to develop missiles.