Benefits Of Using Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium ions are rechargeable batteries that are widely used in electrical appliances especially in mobiles. These lithium-ion batteries are popular because of its higher energy density and high voltage cell.

In Lithium Ion Batteries, ions proceeds from negative rod to positive rod. These batteries are available in various sizes and shape depending upon their usage.

Working Of Lithium-Ion Battery

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Below listed are some benefits of using lithium ion battery:

High Energy Density: These days people use lithium ion batteries in mobiles due to its long-lasting ability. With the advancements of technology, these lithium batteries have gained higher capacities to even charge the laptops and heavy electrical vehicle.

Self-Discharge:  The best part of using Lithium ion batteries are that they have low self-discharge rate. That means battery don’t discharge itself when not in use. Earlier, batteries used to discharge fastly when not in use.

Rechargeable Battery

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Low-maintenance: In these batteries, you don’t have to maintain  to ensure its performance. These batteries performs well from day one and they are safe to use.

Fast Charging:  Lithium ion batteries take very less time for charging as compared with other batteries.

Longer Lifespan: In lithium ion batteries, there are many charge-discharge cycles and it loses only 30 percent of it capacity after the 1000 cycles. They even perform  well after 5000 cycles which results in longer lifespan.

Various Types: There are various types of batteries available in the market. They have different size and shapes depending upon their usage. They can either be used in small electrical appliance to powerful electrical vehicles.

Various Size Of Batteries

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Low Memory Effect: Li-ion battery has minimal memory effect. Usually batteries lose it energy capacity when repeatedly recharged.  But the lithium ion battery do not lose its energy capacity.

Has Open-circuit voltage: A battery produces the voltage potential when charged. Lithium ion battery results in open circuit voltage due to the electrochemical reaction while charging and discharging.