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In modern times, we have to work under great pressure which can cause great tension and fatigue to our eyes. And most of us have to suffer from several sorts of eye problems just for this reason, you need to select best eyeglass store Long Island.

Wearing eyeglass is one of the very best and safest ways to deal with such problems. However, we are always bothered by the question-how to select good and appropriate eyeglass. Here is an introduction to eyeglass and you might get the information you want before selecting it.


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More than 7centuries have been past since the first eyeglass made its appearance. It gets changed very gradually in the early several centuries. However, some achievements are gained in its model, its frame, and lenses. However, good changes have been taken place since the 20th century. For example, plastic, polymer, and a lot of other intelligent materials can be employed to make its frame, lenses. In particular, in the new century, the significance of eyeglass is broadened.


Judging from the standard prior to the 20th century, eyeglass is made of three parts, namely, the frame, the lens, and the nose pad. Nevertheless, in modern times, eyeglass might not have all those attributes, like petite eyeglass frames.

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The original role of eyeglass is vision correction. And this is also the terrific sales point for eyeglass. Many eye problems can be treated with eyeglass, such as the commonest ones, as nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc.. Special eyeglass is also designed to deal with some hard-to-cure eye issues. Bifocal and trifocal are extremely typical examples.

New features

Furthermore, good eyeglass has some very pleasant characteristics that can not be found in traditional ones. The first one is UV blocking. There are lots of harmful radiations and rays in the sun light and they can cause great damage to our eyes if our eyes are directly exposed to them.

The UV blocking eyeglass can filter out all of such rays. Another is anti-scratch. Lenses scratch easily and this will damage eyeglass. A distinctive anti-scratch coating is imprinted on the lenses and they will not be easily scratched. Anti-explosion is another feature can be found in good eyeglass. In the past, breaking glass can result in great injury to our eyes, for the glass breaks easily. Now anti-explosive eyeglass won’t break into pieces though struck by a powerful external force.