Classification of Engraved trophies And Awards

Corporate trophies were limited in number with few top shots receiving it after a lifetime of toil. The widespread use of 3D technology in printing has made bestsellers out of engraved crystal trophies.

This technology has today made trophies, the most popular way to recognize any person’s hard work and talent. They have become more affordable and also visually pleasing.

Their increasing uses has spurted the number of orders at 3D studios. One such 3D Studio is crystalsensations studio, which has gained immense popularity for the work they do.

Varied events and reasons are behind awarding trophies to the deserving winners and it is being done for centuries and decades.

Today, these recognition mediums have come a long way. They are not only attainable and affordable but have become a lot more customizable and personalized as well.

Most commonly used materials are crystal, glass, wood, metal or steel, acrylic, and marble. Based on occasion, budget and other considerations, one can choose the right fit.

Corporate Awards and Honors

A very important quarter that sends engraved crystal orders to 3D studios is the corporate world. Rewards have become necessary in today’s competitive world. It encourages the staff to fare better.

Trophies and awards can be classified in various ways, we would explore their classification based on the material used.

  • Acrylic Awards
  • Glass Awards
  • Crystal Awards
  • Marble Awards

Personalized trophies are generally plaques with the employee and the company’s name engraved on the trophy through 3D printing.

Key chains, paperweights and other company stationery is also made of engraved crystal. These are generally given out to clients. They have always been the perfect marketing tool along with visiting cards.

Retiring employees can be presented with a complete crystal dinner set as a mark of respect for their services.

With most companies offering “custom-made” options, varied other types of awards are also crafted from other materials as well as using these materials in combination. One can select the best based on budget and occasion.

It would be better to get more updates from related and reliable web sources before giving any orders.