Eco- Friendly Home Decorating Wallpapers

Home decorating wallpaper is making a comeback for today’s home fashions with a vast array of designs including eco-friendly wall coverings that are designed to support sustainable living.

Eco-friendly wall coverings are natural coverings that include grasscloth, hemp and other natural weaves like the way they were before the modern and sophisticated printing techniques of today. You can check sites like to have a look at various varieties and design of wallpapers.

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These wallpapers bring a nice texture to the rooms or home. There are grass cloths made from a honey sickle, natural cork, bamboo and mica metallic with a cellulose backing. You can also find bamboo wallcoverings from Phillip Jeffries wallpaper.

The inks used on eco-friendly wallpaper are water-based containing no heavy metals such as mercury or lead eliminating any toxicity. There are no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) so there would be no harmful off-gassing.

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Many wallpapers are breathable which helps in reducing mold and mildew on the wall. These are useful for the areas of high humidity and for people with allergies.

There is an infinite number of colors, patterns, and textures in these wallpapers. Home decorating wallpaper can be affordable, stylish and durable and have a place in every room of the house and also in the workplace.

Home decorating wallpaper can add a dimension to a room making it look bigger, smaller, taller or cozy and highlight the room’s best features by drawing attention to them or downplay the room’s problem areas.

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  • If you want your room to look bigger or lengthy then use light or neutral colors, and dark colors add drama to a room.
  • If your room is long and you want to make it look square then use warm dark colors on the short end of the room to visually draw the room closer and light color on the long side so they will recede and seem farther apart.

So if the use of home decorating wallpaper is in your future decorating plan look to the eco-friendly wallpapers that are made from environmentally responsible forests and under the Green manufacturing guidelines. You can visit here to know the benefits of using wallpapers in your room.