Enjoying Life In The Midwest, Things You Will Only Experience In The Midwest

The Midwest is home to cheese curds, Henry Ford, The Great Lakes, many professional sports team, and vast farmlands. A beautiful place where you can experience steamy summers, long and frigid winters, and blissful spring. The life there is the best. Here are the things that you will only experience there, which will make you say enjoying life in the Midwest is surely the best.

Cheese curds and BBQ. Midwestern food may be not healthy at times, but they are always satisfying and delicious. Never leave the place without trying the cheese curds in Wisconsin, chili in Cincinnati, BBQ in St, Louis, hot dogs, sugar cream pie, and Ohio Buckeye which is to die for. You have not really lived if you have not tried these yet.

There are more than a hundred breweries here that are top rated. The number of their craft beers cannot be compared to the rest of United States. They have more than a hundred breweries that are top rated, so you will surely find a favorite or you could have a hard time choosing with so many great options.

You get to experience and appreciate the beauty of nature here. Trails, bike paths, dunes, you name it. Everything can be found here. Visit the Indiana Dunes and Wisconsin Dells. Go swimming at Lake Minnetonka and explore Starved Rock which is located in Illinois. They have excellent state parks as well.

Home for music festivals. The people here both like summer and music, which explains why they are so many music festivals. Considered as the greatest music festivals in the nation, many tourists comes here to party and enjoy live music. Some of their festivals includes Lollapalooza, Summerfest, and Faster Horses, which is a country music festival that is held for three days.

A great place for foodies. With so much food available, your one week stay will not be enough. Midwesterners boost their prestigious and seriously delicious restaurants. One of the world class restaurant is located in Wisconsin, and it is called Viroqua. Their Urbana Market produces world class products.

Known as the best higher education. Many universities and colleges here are top of the line, so if you are someone who enjoys nature, loves to ea and party, and is looking for the best school for college, then this is the right place for you. The University of Notre Dame and Ohio State University are just two of them.

Experience the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are considered as the largest system of fresh water. People who live in Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin gets to enjoy its beauty. The Lake Superior, Erie, Huron, are within the span of 750 miles, this includes some of their best beaches.

Has a short, but glorious summer. Midwesterners love summer. This is the time when people would go to the beach and enjoy the waters. Some ride their boats to explore and go fishing in lakes. For those who does not know, Minnesota alone has almost twelve thousand lakes. You will never run out of things to do here.

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