Growing Number Of Scams In Dealing Of Artwork

People who have an interest in the art know the worth of various works done by artists whether famous or not. These individuals who have a passion for art express their zeal and respect by collecting different kinds and of various artists all around the world. A lot of art collectors acquire these artworks with the help of art dealers.

However, there are various instances where this assistance actually causes a loss to the art collector. To understand this aspect let us take the famous case of Russian millionaire and art collector Dmitry Rybolovlev and Swiss art shipper and dealer Yves Bouvier into consideration.

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There have been lawsuits filed against Mr. Bouvier by Mr. Rybolovlev claiming that he has been conned by the agent during 38 art dealings done between both of them in the span of 10 years. This totally depicts that there are high chances of getting scammed whilst buying artwork.

Thus, it is quite imperative to be aware of every minute detail if you are going to buy art via the help of an agent or not. One way to avoid such frauds is by investigating the artwork, if it’s original or not, it’s actual cost in the market and so on. You must also examine the certificate of authenticity and receipts.

In case you are buying artwork online, ask to see an enlarged picture of the signature and verify the site on the canvas or on the sculpture as variation are signs to be alert. All such things are preventive measures to avoid artwork fraud or scam.