How To Replace The Doors In Your Home

Changing the doors in your home can refresh the whole look of your home. If you go about doing it the right way does not have to be an arduous task. If you just arm yourself with the right tools and follow the recommended steps that can do the job efficiently and quickly.

First, get the right measure is essential. You must measure the height and width of the door frame. Then, 4 mm is subtracted from the height and width to allow separation.

This will give the size of the final door. It is always best to buy a door of a large litter so you can trim down to fit perfectly into the door frame. To avoid all this procedure to be done by you, visit

Second, you must purchase the hinges of the door. You must decide whether your door is left hand or right-hand door.

Now is the time to make changes if necessary. You want to mark the placement of the hinges with a pencil mark so that they are properly seated.

Finally, you must use wedges to raise and keep the door then will prop the door in an open position. Now he will carefully mark the location of the hinges on the door frame. Now is the time to carve a cavity in the door frame.

Using a screw through the hinge will attach the hinges to the frame. It's time to check if the door is working properly. If it does now is the time to make adjustments. By replacing old doors and tired at home, your home will have a richer look much more updated.