What Are The Ingredient That A Horse Supplement Should Contain?

These days lots of horse supplement are available in nearby store or online site. If you are looking for horse supplement for your horse then you will easily find one for your horse. The composition of horse supplement may vary. The ingredients in horse supplements are not the same.

Select a horse supplement that is suitable for your horse and fulfill the need of all essential nutrients. Some supplement does have fewer nutrients content whereas some have superfluous nutrients. Be careful while selecting a particular horse supplement. Equine supplements for horse effectively fulfill the entire horse requirement.

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Energy and Protein

You must provide energy supplement that contains fat if your horse consumes more dietary energy and comparatively perform less work. The fat can be in form of vegetable oil, rice bran or pollard, or sunflower seeds.

The oil has more calories helps a lot in weight gain.

If you talk about proteins then the requirement is more found in adult horses. Proteins play a vital role in growth in the horse. You must provide your horse with alfalfa (Lucerne), clover hays, lupins, peas, and soybeans as these products are a great source of proteins.

You will be assured that your horse gets enough protein required. You may find many supplements that contain protein, vitamins, and minerals. Adding equine supplement to your horse diet can help your horse with daily dietary need.  


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Select horse products that have calcium and phosphorus along with all essential nutrients. Make sure have you properly look the label before purchasing such product for your horse. A mineral supplement which contains phosphorus

It is always recommended to choose horse products that contain both calcium and phosphorus. You must check the label carefully before buying the product as there are many mineral supplements that don’t contain an adequate amount of phosphorus.