Low Price Concrete Floor Staining

This isn't an article for those considering the way to acid wash concrete. This is all about getting an identical appearance, for less than half of the price of acid staining!

First off you want to collect your supplies. You can locate them at any local home improvement store such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.. You'll need solid concrete stain; I recommend two colors that complement each other i.e. a tan and a dark brown. Explore more details about floor staining at http://pozzolanicsurfaces.co.uk/.

Low Price Concrete Floor Staining

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Concrete sealer which comes in various sheens so decide if you would like a flat appearance to your flooring or a slightly shiny appearance, and get enough to seal your flooring 6-8 times. You'll also require a cheap gallon sprayer, just be certain it's an adjustable nozzle.

A long-handled roller using a semi-smooth rest and paint tray. And needless to say, you'll need painters and plastic tape to secure your other surfaces. And a huge piece of cardboard or test distance you won't mind messing up.

Second, remove all furniture in the room and ensure you prep your surface and surrounding surfaces nicely. I suggest covering 4-6 feet up the wall so that you avoid over-spray and needing to touch up paint.

Be certain to vacuum or sweep well because whatever is in your floor will be on your flooring forever as soon as you start the procedure.

Now, you're ready to start! Mix up concrete stain because just like paint, it divides and has to be mixed. Carefully, off your face, pour blot in your sprayer.