All You Need To Know About Amazon Flex

The salary that we earn from our full-time job will never satisfy our demands.  Everyone needs a little side cash now or then. Some of them have the courage to try an entirely new thing to meet their demands of living. Such a new concept that is trendy nowadays is Rideshare program designed especially for drivers that deliver products to the end users. They make good use of their smartphones as well as their vehicle.

amazon flex

There are many shippers across the globe, for instance, Uber or Lyft that makes your task easier. They ship your product from showroom to your home. Amazon flex is also added in these pools. A few people know about it. You can get the detailed information on referral bonus for drivers from  So let’s discuss this in detail.  

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a rideshare program that gives the driver an opportunity to earn money by delivering Amazon products to respective city. This campaign was started in 2015 and expanded its roots to more than 50 cities of San Francisco.

In Amazon flex app Android or iPhone, the driver has to share the last mile delivery data to the Amazon Company so that they ensure driver had delivered the product to the correct destination. It is similar to Uber or Lyft where you can make your own schedule.

Why amazon Flex
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Why Amazon Flex?

  • You can pick up the Amazon product in any available time.
  • You can earn $18-$25 per hour for Prime Now and $18 per hour for Amazon products
  • You would be your own boss.

amazon flex earning

How much you earn?

Amazon Flex pays $18-$25 per hour. It is fixed for each shift that means at an hour you receive $18-25 but block pays may vary according to the region of the driver. Some of them receive increased blocked payment due to bad weather or any accident happened to them.


For the driver one thing is sure, they know how much they are going to earn before scheduling a block. All the drivers can make money for the shift they are bind to no matter how early or late they can complete this. Even if they complete the task late they are paid for the same amount.

Amazon Flex is an amazing concept for the one who wants to make money with an unused car. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone and signup for the Amazon Flex App now. But wait before signup have a peek here to know the experience of an Amazon Flex driver in great detail so that you can choose whether you go for it or not.