Options Trading – 5 Interesting Facts About Stock Options

If people refer to options trading, then they may actually be speaking to a range of different securities. Options are traded on all sorts of securities (foreign exchange commodities, stocks, etc.), however, for the intention of this column, I will only be speaking to stock choices.

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In case you’re beginner you can explore the web for opions trading courses. Here in this post, we will be discussing five fascinating facts about options trading which many traders never understand:

Truth 1: Many people never know who really creates stock choices. I traded for many years before I discovered the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) problems in the CBOE in addition to other U.S. options trades.

The OCC guarantees that the options market remains liquid and that there’s always a buyer and vendor for every single trade. Another celebration which will help ease this liquidity are Market Makers.

Truth 2: Occasionally it is another options trader who purchases or sells your inventory alternative from/to you. Market Makers are exchange members that keep the market liquid using their own money to purchase and market options.

Truth 3: The cost options are offered at is their share cost, but they’re only really sold in 100 share batches. What that signifies is that whatever price you find quoted needs to be multiplied by 100 to find the real price of the alternative.

Individuals that are unaware of how stock options work & how options analysis done can explore the internet to get a more in-depth explanation on inventory options trading.


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Truth 4: Stock alternatives do not expire the third Friday of the month of the expiry. They really expire the third Saturday of the month of expiration, but for trading purposes, individuals usually say that they perish on Friday (because the marketplace isn’t available on Saturday).

Truth 5: when you get a stock option you are not buying ownership in anything such as you’re using stocks. The one thing you’re buying is a contract which grants you certain”rights”.

In the event of a Call option you’re buying the “right” to purchase an inventory and with Place options, you’re buying the “right” to sell a stock exchange. Options trading can be confusing initially, but take your time, keep studying and finally, things will begin to develop together.

Hope all these facts will help you in trading successfully. You can also browse this link to know more about options trading.