Most Popular Guitar Effects and Pedals Explained

If you are a musician or music enthusiast, you may be familiar with the guitar effect pedals which are also known as stomp boxes. These are often used by the musician to change the sound of their guitar. Guitar pedal board or stomp boxes get their name because of the stomping action needed to make the effect work.

When the pedals are off, you are playing with the guitars clean sound coming out of your amp. When you turn it on, the signal that goes to the pedals are changed creating the desired effect and the sound produced is affected.

The best part about these pedal boards is that you can connect more than one effects to your guitar for tremendous sound effects. For those who are starters may not be close to the process. Well, you can simply use short cables to connect these pedal boards to each other by using input and output jacks.

 By using the best electric guitar pedals you can separately control which effects you want on and off at any time just by stomping them on or off. One thing you must be aware of is that connecting too many pedals together can also cause too much humming and unwanted noise.

But fortunately, there are noise pedals available that you can use to fix this problem. As there are so many different kinds of pedal boards available in the market today, and the most popular ones are:


This is one of the most commonly adopted pedal board that is often used in many popular musical sorts especially in metal and rock.


Another best and popular pedal board is known as Chorus that will give you a thick and dense sound by repeating your original sound and adding some delay to it. It will then mix it back with your original signal.


The Reverb effect imitates natural acoustic spaces by producing an echo sound that will make your tone sound like it’s being played in a big concert hall.

Being a musician, you must have the knowledge about tones and techniques to use the best power supply. You may browse this site to get more information about choosing the right power supply to your pedal boards.