Rob Sobhani Views on Fixing Immigration and Saving America

Dr. Rob Sobhani is known to have a quite long career in the field of academics and business. After doing PhD from the Georgetown University, he acquired the experience of teaching both at the undergraduate as well as the graduate levels from the year 1989-20015 as an adjunct professor.

Rob Sobhani, from the very beginning had a deep love for America and he always appreciated its legacy of open doors. But, today he fears the fallout from an immigration policy which is entirely out of his control.

Fixing Immigration And Saving America

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According to him, the unorganized immigration, whether it is legal or illegal, is having a terrible impact on the state as well as the local economies.

It is threatening the jobs for the low-income citizens. It is also giving rise to a population increase which is causing a pressure on our infrastructure as well as is overburdening the environment.

The worst of all is that it is risking our national identity as well as spirit.

According to him, a new immigration consensus is required which would make it a point to respect the tradition of American opportunity as well as the diversity without destroying the country.

In one of his books, he has outlined a 5-point plan in order to fix the U.S. immigration system. In addition to this, the book also focuses on strengthening the loyalty of all those who are visiting America in a legal way.

His plan is known to include a determination of establishing English as the official language. It is an action which would lead to strengthening of our singular bond, he says.