Shop In Wholesale For Peacock Themed Sterling Silver Jewelry Sets Online

Sterling silver is the new blue in the world of jewelry. From popular celebrities and runway models to every woman out there are in total awe of the new designs, styles and trends in the world of sterling silver jewelry.

Silver in its purest form is highly malleable and thus can’t be used to craft durable and intricate designs of jewelry.

Look out for peacock themed sterling silver fashion jewelry sets now launched on one of India’s first online silver jewelry boutiques.

Inspired by India’s most famous bird the peacock, these statement pendant & earrings are meant to worn as a set for grand & formal occasions.

Pendant & Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver can be worn with a similar colored chiffon silk sari or a brightly colored lehenga or ghaghra choli.

Look bold with geometric sterling silver jewelry

Sterling jewelry designed in geometry shapes like circle, rectangle and triangle are a huge trend these days. These accessories look stylish and flattering on any outfit.

Wear it single or do mix-and-match

Symmetry no longer rules the fashion world. Wearing a single earring and pairing different styles or designs are latest trends. Many famous celebs have been spotted nailing this mismatch trend like a boss.

Try out the sterling silver jewelry sets, you will look stunning.

Look more glamorous with dangling chandelier sterling silver earrings

Sterling silver dangling chandelier earrings studded with Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones are suitable for all special occasions, whether it’s a date night, a small gathering over a dinner, a wedding function or an engagement party. The colored CZ stones and shimmering silver look stunning with any outfit.

These long dangle earrings simply look fabulous. And you don’t have to be a Hollywood diva to buy these chandelier style earrings.

Shop the wholesale sterling silver jewelry market and you will find an up-to-date collection of chandelier earrings. These earrings are sexy and elegant at the same time.

Peacock themed pendants & earrings give you a grandeur & sophistication that other jewelry designs cannot.

Lastly, take it as a small suggestion, do read this post to get more related details on choosing a nice pair of sterling silver jewelry set for you.