Important Facts About Refrigeration Compressors


Refrigeration compressors are a certain type of compressor used for refrigeration, draining out heat, and air conditioning. The refrigeration compressors are large automated units, created to be the center of industrial and air conditioning systems. Small, convenient and easy to transport compressors do not fit to be appropriate in this category.

Refrigeration compressors are constructed in such a way that they turn low-pressure gases into high-pressure and high-temperature gases. Additionally, they are used to maintain a low boiling point. This can be accomplished by taking out vapor from the evaporator.

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There are mainly three types of refrigeration compressors. The first type is screw refrigeration compressors. This type of refrigeration compressors uses a screw to remove the vapor. There can be multiple screws.

The second type of refrigeration compressor is scroll compressors. They are the most common type of compressors. The third type is of piston refrigeration compressors. These compressors can achieve high levels of pressure and are mostly used for commercial purposes. This type of compressor is also called a bitzer reciprocating compressor.

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Here are some important facts that should be kept in mind in the long life of the compressors.

  • The hoses should be replaced at the time when you see the corrosion on them. If the hoses are decayed or cracked, it may stress your machine.
  • The container gains moisture from the compressed air so it is necessary to remove the water that is gathered in the machine.
  • The outlet should be cleaned from time to time as it may cause the compressor to work too hard to supply the air. Clearing the out-let help the machine to work efficiently.
  • Change the air filter every six months on manage according to the usage of the compressor. Changing of the filter means that you are securing the other parts of the machine from degrading.
  • Another way of increasing the life of your machine is that you always keep the fuel tank clean.
  • If the compressor is working on the oil then the oil should be changed every 500-600 hours of use.
  • The compressor runs hard and vibrates all the time of its working so there arises the need for tightening the screws nuts and bolts of the machine. You should often check the screws, nuts, and bolts of the machine to ensure that they are tight.

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