Plants That Can Be Grown In Fabric Pots

People are becoming health conscious and the idea of growing one’s own vegetables and herbs is gaining popularity. However, not all people have access to a garden, especially in large cities. For many people living in cities, fabric pots are the answer to this dilemma due to its simplicity and convenience.

If you like to do some organic gardening, you can get help from and you can grow your favorite herbs and vegetables in small gardens, balconies, window sills, and even in an apartment.

Gardening in fabric grow bags is very simple and easy. You can grow different kinds of plants in these pots of various shapes and sizes. This method of gardening is exceedingly convenient as you do not have to dig and prepare a plot, it doesn’t require a lot of space, and you can easily protect your plants from extreme cold by bringing them inside.

Another benefit of growing herbs and vegetables in fabric grow pots is that you don’t need to have much experience. Using these pots you can grow a number of edible plants without an expansive yard or garden. Following are some plants that are easy to grow options and you should consider them if you are a beginner.

  • Mint

Mint is perfectly suited for growing in pots as it is easy to grow and hard to kill. It has the tendency to spread and take over a garden, so it is recommended to plant it in pots. Mint plants need only partial sun so you can keep it in an apartment window. Mint is great for mojitos, of course, but you can also add it to fruit salads and iced teas.

  • Green Onions

You can grow green onions from the ones you buy at the store, as long as they have roots attached. The fabric pots have air pruning technique and this can help the roots to expand.

  • Tomatoes

You can produce juicy tomatoes in pots. Smaller tomato varieties such as grape or cherry tomatoes are the simplest and quickest to grow in a pot.

  • Basil

It is a great herb to grow at home as basil bought from a store turns brown and dries up in a day or two. Basil plants do need a lot of sunlight.

  • Spinach

Spinach is perfect for an apartment dweller as it is a fast growing plant and does not get very big. Navigate here to get more gardening tips that ultimately benefits your health.