Wedding Video At A Distance

Which couple would want to compromise on their wedding video and photos? None, of course! From days, months and sometimes years, girls and boys often keep a wedding videographer in mind, which they would hire at the time they tie the knot. They are probably super-impressed and mesmerized with their wedding videos.

However, what if they have a destination wedding? The new-found dilemma for them is whether they should take along their "dream" wedding videographer for their destination wedding videography or hire one there?

Unwavering the "Waves"

It sounds ideal to fly the dream wedding videographer for the destination marriage video. After all, it's their big day. The only hitch of taking a home wedding videographer is the additional costs of travel and accommodation. You will be surprised and glad to know about the ways out of this problem too.

Most videographers offer special packages for destination weddings, which are mostly equal to the cost of shooting the video in the same city. Considering the travel expenses, couples often use their membership points for the videographer's tickets.

Accommodation expenses can be slashed by keeping the videographer only for the important two or three days rather than a week or so like the other guests. With such arrangements, couples would be incurring additional costs equal to peanuts for getting their videos shot by their dream videographer.