All You Need to Know About Project Audits

Most of the processes your organization uses have audits and so should your project management processes. It's just as important to audit your projects as it is to audit your quality assurance processes. 

The PMBOK describes the audit as a "structured independent review to determine if project activities comply with organizational and project policies, and procedures." 

There are several distinct perspectives and approaches to project out audits there but we are likely to color to the PMBOK strategy with this report. You can navigate various online sources and find more about post project audit

This strategy imitates the strategy utilized for fiscal analysis at which the auditors are a company contracted for the purpose.

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Although it's likely to attract outside auditors into executing your job audit, it's also possible to spot and train internal auditors.

Maintain the aim of this audit in mind when running your job audit. The aim isn't to ascertain the health of the undertaking, or identify corrective actions that will enhance job performance, but to ascertain whether the project has been handled correctly.

A job audit could be done through the project life span, or after the job was completed. A mid-project audit has the benefit of possibly adjusting project management errors for your audited job whereas an audit at the close of the undertaking will not assist the present project but also the audit points will reap the whole life cycle of prospective endeavors.