Use Of Referral Pads As An Awesome Marketing Tool

Referral pads are not new to the market; they work a lot for the business owners. A lot of printing services in Sydney have been providing this facility to their clients.

It’s recognized that the best source of new clients, for any company, is referrals. For allied health professionals, referrals from a general practitioner would be equal to gold bricks for building a small business.

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GPs are trusted by their patients, and they have the same goal as you: to help their patient get better as fast as possible. So, to get to the dual objective of fast recovery for the individual and business building for you, it has to be quite simple for the patient (client) to contact you, and for the referrer to make the recommendation.

Referral pads

The preferred method for many allied health professionals to achieve these new patients is frequently referral pads. They catch the basic details required for therapy and make it easy for the individual to contact and locate you.

Affordable use of referral pads

The proposed strategy for distribution would be to initially get a higher number of pads published, and distribute them to each GP in the community area. That’s one for each GP’s desk, not only one for every medical center.

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Then, as GPs use the pads and purchase more from you, send these high-level referrers bigger pads with sheets (e.g. 50+ sheets per pad). That way they are invited to make more referrals, and you do not have the cost of getting new pads to them too frequently. For the other GPs who choose not to refer to you, they just had a little pad to start off with, so only minimal cash spent!

Tell your story

If your pads are being sent to GPs you do not have an existing relationship with, then it’s strongly recommended that the mat is accompanied by an informative card or flyer. It should describe your practice in detail, such as your own specialties and strengths.

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Cement your relationship

With referral pads printing you won’t miss the opportunity to report back to the GP about your new patient. Building a relationship based communication and trust is always a winner!

Referral pads can build your business

Make referral pads work for your business, and never miss the chance to present your company to all stakeholders with style and confidence. Make sure that your printing works hard for you, and helps you reach your business objectives.