Web Tools For Business Websites

There are many free tools provided by Google to users such as

Webpage Creator: Very useful if one is to start small website and want to publish its content to the public.

Online Note Book: clip and collect information while surfing the net

Google Docs: anyone can create documents online and access anywhere of the world. If you are looking for more information about web tools then you can visit https://itsagrowthparty.com.

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All the tools in the above list are very useful but apart form this list some very useful Analytics and Webmaster. Both are a very useful tool if anyone has its own website or Blog and want to manage them.

Google Analytics: This is very useful for website owners to track and manage the site. It provides the full details about the site from which it generates revenue. Most viewed content and the keywords used by search engines to find websites.

It is also integrated with AdWords that help to buy new new keyword for the website. Some of the main features of Analytics are given below:

A. Keyword and Campaign Comparison: it keeps track of all the records that how the website is getting traffic from internet traffic whether directly, through a search engine or through referral sites.

b. Geo Targeting: give details about the source of traffic geologically. This is a picture of the source location. Very useful for finding sites that attract the kind of people and the content they like. It also provides a graph that wise nation.