What Is A Pool Dome?

Have you ever thought why it is advisable to protect your swimming pool with pool dome?

Although you can purchase a cover for your swimming pool but by buying a pool dome you can save a lot of money.  A pool dome is the huge tent-like cover. This can be placed over the pool. It extends your swimming period. You can even swim whole year in any kind of weather as it withstands bad weather.


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With a swimming pool enclosure, you can keep away twigs, leaves from the water. You don’t have to spend time cleaning the pool. Hence low maintenance is required.

It even prevents accidents by sealing the entrance. You get indoor swimming experience with pool dome.

Some pool dome uses the solar energy to heat pool water. They are known as solar pool dome. It has a frame that is high enough the water you can swim under it while water is still heating in the pool.


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The solar pool dome not only heats your pool water but also the air inside the dome is heated. Suppose that if it is 40 or 50 degree outside it would be 80 or 90 inside the dome.  These domes are made of a material that blocks the UV rays. As UV rays can cause sunburn that further lead to skin and eye damage. You can click here to know more.

So, this ensures that you don’t get tanned. If a situation is there that water is too cold to swim then you can lay in the sun on a cold but sunny weather.